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“. . . Professional never goes out of style, and Wedding Planning With Pem is strong content delivered by an expert in the industry. . .”

Mark Thomas, Market Manager, Community Broadcasters LLC
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THE Wedding Professional, Pem Pfisterer Clark, hosts “Wedding Planning With Pem” on radio stations throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and Washington. This syndicated 90 second feature spot offers a sweet opportunity for local advertisers.

WEDDING PLANNING WITH PEM presents an opportunity for sponsors to reach a very targeted audience on a regular basis. Wedding Planning Expert, Show Host Pem Pfisterer Clark has a proven show targeting an established market.

Brides and Grooms-to-be are beginning a transition that involves decisions on how to spend increased household income. The purchase of big ticket items goes far beyond wedding rings and honeymoon planning. Couples are moving, renting or purchasing their first home, furnishing it and buying a wide range of joint services, from gym memberships to life insurance. Couples have a lot to do, a lot to buy, and a limited window of time in which to get it all accomplished.

Our audience of engaged and newlywed couples are looking for advice they can put to use. This can be a window of opportunity for advertisers to reach an audience that needs help fulfilling many needs.

When GMs and Program Directors hear the show, they recognize why listeners tune in. This spot shares great information, well presented in a consistent, upbeat, and entertaining 90 second feature. Account Executives find it an easy sell because new couples are the perfect fit for a wide range of local advertisers.

Pem is a professional speaker, wedding planner, writer, retailer, radio and television personality  .  .  .  and an ordained minister. With more than 2,500 episodes to date,  “Wedding Planning With Pem” delivers sound wedding advice, insider tips, answers to etiquette questions and money saving ideas in a format that informs and entertains.

“Wedding Planning With Pem” is in it’s 16th broadcast year on radio and is now starting it’s 9th season on television. 


“40% of newlyweds apply some of their wedding bounty toward a down payment on a new car”

“Couples that live in or travel to Jefferson County, KY spend between
$17,000 and $28,000 on average 
for their wedding”

“New Couples purchase 6X more than the typical consumer over a 2-year span and are
5X more likely to 
become long-standing customers than the average prospect”


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